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To protect our patients and staff, in addition the standard CDC recommendations, we have installed two aerosol removal systems in the office. The first is the intraoral (in the mouth) ReLief system. This is a high-speed suction running during the entire appointment. The second is one outside the mouth, the “Vaniman Vanguard Gold Mobile” – dental suction for aerosols. This will capture airborne contaminants and droplets. Those contaminants are then filtered through a two stage HEPA filtration system. We are proud to inform that these additions will make your visit virtually aerosol free.

Our Disinfecting Policies to Protect You During the Coronavirus Season

We have always made sterilization and disinfection of our office a priority. That in itself protects you from possible disease transmission during this outbreak as well as any viral season. Here are the policies that we have in place:

1. We are asking every patient to wash his or her hands in our presence in the treatment room. That is for at least 20 seconds using soap and water.

2. Our staff and doctors wash their hands in the presence of the patient at the beginning of every visit.

3. We are cleaning our instruments in two areas after treatment. One is by the assistants in the treatment room. The second is by our sterilization assistant in the sterilization room. That is done under 2.5X magnification.

4. We are disinfecting all common areas such as door handles, knobs, public surfaces both in the treatment rooms and the reception room and front desk area, bathroom faucets, toilet handles, seats, etc. on a frequent basis throughout the day.

5. We use new masks and gloves for every patient.

6. We cover all surfaces, hoses, and electronics with plastic wrap. The plastic wrap is changed between patients.

7. We encourage you as well as our staff to avoid touching our faces.

8. If you are ill, please reschedule your appointment with us. We are sending any patient or staff member home who has symptoms of illness.

We are happy to answer any questions regarding our disinfection and sterilization policies and look forward to making every visit to our office safe, comfortable, and effective.


Dr. Joshua Greenberg has been practicing periodontics in Central Pennsylvania since the mid 1990s. He practiced in New York for 16 years prior to that. He provides full periodontal services, which include gum disease treatment, dental implant services, gum recession treatment and cosmetic gum treatment, such as fixing a gummy smile.

He uses advanced technology to ensure your treatment is accurate and gets optimum results, as well as to provide you with an efficient and comfortable experience.

Minimally Invasive Gum Disease and Dental Implant Treatment

Dentist - Joshua M. GreenbergOur technology also enables us to provide minimally invasive gum and dental implant treatment.

We use a high-tech tomograph to capture detailed images of your mouth and jaw area. This allows Dr. Greenberg to plan implant treatment ahead of time, so that on the day of surgery, little or no extra cutting or suturing is needed. This reduces post-treatment discomfort and speeds healing.  Learn more about minimally invasive gum disease treatment.

Dr. Greenberg uses a cool-energy all-tissue laser to provide precisely targeted gum disease treatment. The laser targets only the tissues involved, leaving the surrounding tissues unaffected. This eliminates the need for traditional “flap” periodontal surgery for most cases of moderate and severe gum disease. Periodontal treatment with the laser is gentler, more efficient and less invasive.

For patients needing dental implant treatment, Dr. Greenberg places the dental implants and guides the entire procedure, including the placement of the final restoration. He works with excellent partner dentists who create high-quality crowns, bridges and dentures to attach to the implants that he places. Read more about our Dental Implant Services.

Experienced, award-winning dentist

Dentist - Joshua M. GreenbergPeriodontists receive three years intensive training in their specialty post dental school. Dr. Greenberg has completed very extensive additional training, as well as training other dentists. He has taught on the faculty of the department of periodontics for several prestigious universities and medical centers.

In 2015 Dr. Greenberg was named a Select Dentist in the periodontist category in the Harrisburg area, and one of America’s Best Dentists by the National Consumer Advisory Board. Learn more about Dr. Greenberg.

Friendly, caring and attentive service

Dr. Greenberg and our staff always take the time to listen to what you have to say and answer your questions. We also explain treatment in detail ahead of time. We make sure you understand your treatment options and are comfortable with moving forward.

Our friendly staff will give you a warm welcome and make sure you get seen at your appointment time. We are also flexible on scheduling.

We’ll keep you comfortable and free of pain

Our minimally invasive treatment makes your visit more comfortable and healing faster. Our injections won’t cause you any discomfort, thanks to our topical numbing and The Wand® Computerized Anesthesia Delivery System, which regulates the flow of anesthetic and ensures adequate numbing. We’ll also give you a “comfort clicker” so that with a press of the button you can signal Dr. Greenberg to stop.

Who should visit a periodontist?

A periodontist has extensive training and experience in his or her area of specialty: the gums, dental implants and the bone surrounding teeth. Patients come to us directly as well as being referred to us by their general dentist.

You should visit our office for a consultation if you have any of the following situations:

  • You have receding gums which expose your tooth roots and make your teeth look too long
  • Your gums bleed from flossing or brushing
  • You have red, tender or swollen gums
  • Your teeth are sensitive to hot or cold
  • You have a fractured tooth and want to know if it can be saved
  • You are missing teeth and want to look into having dental implants to replace them
  • You are wearing dentures and want to look into implant-supported dentures for increased chewing and biting power
  • You have a gummy smile or an irregular gum line surrounding your teeth and want to cosmetically enhance your smile

Patients choose to come to us for our expertise and skill in our specialty, and for the peace of mind that gives them.

To make an appointment, call (717) 775-7576 or click here to request an appointment online.