Cosmetic Gum Treatment in Central Pennsylvania

Crown Lengthening for a Gummy Smile

Fix a Gummy Smile!

When teeth look shorter than normal, or the amount of gum displayed when smiling overshadows the teeth, this is known as a “gummy” smile. Many people feel self-conscious about their gummy smile and cover their mouths or try to maintain an unnatural lip position.

Although it may seem that the teeth are simply too short, a portion is actually hidden beneath excess bone and gum tissue.

Crown Lengthening for Gummy Smiles

Dr. Greenberg uses a Piezosurgery unit to gently and effectively remove excess gum tissue.

To repair a gummy smile, Dr. Greenberg sculpts away the excess bone with a Piezosurgery unit. This is far less traumatic than using a scalpel, as it utilizes ultrasonic vibration to cut the bone.

The micro vibrations of the Piezosurgery’s ultrasonic waves precisely cut bone but don’t affect the gum tissue. Depending on the situation, Dr. Greenberg might also use a laser, which also selectively targets the bone without affecting the surrounding tissues.

Once the excess bone has been sculpted away, the gum can rest in its proper relationship to the teeth, exposing the full length of the crown.

Functional Crown Lengthening

When a tooth requires a porcelain cap (crown) due to fracture, wear or decay, but some of the crown of the tooth is below the gum line, Dr. Greenberg may lengthen the crown. If a cap is placed on a tooth that is partially buried below the gum line, it can cause gum bleeding and pain.

Dr. Greenberg uses the same procedure as crown lengthening for a gummy smile.

Gum Recontouring for an uneven gumline

Even if your teeth are healthy, straight and white, an uneven gumline can mar the aesthetics of your smile. Dr. Greenberg can remedy this problem by gently recontouring your gumline with the WaterLase. Patients rarely feel discomfort with laser dentistry and the precise beam makes procedures quick and minimally invasive.

After just one visit, you’ll leave our office with a rejuvenated smile!

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