New Teeth in One Day Implant Dentures in Central Pennsylvania

All-on-4® New Teeth in One Day in Harrisburg

Secure, stable new teeth in a single day

All-on-4® New Teeth in One Day in HarrisburgTired of wearing dentures?

Or are your teeth so broken-down that you are having trouble chewing your food?

In just one day, Dr. Greenberg can give you stable, permanently fixed-in new teeth, without the need for bone grafting. He can replace your whole smile with one that is natural-looking, aesthetic and as close to fully functional as possible.

Your new teeth will have excellent chewing power, will not move around in your mouth, and will have no false palate that interferes with your sense of taste while you eat. They will feel and function like real teeth and will allow you to eat whatever food you want. Using the most modern implant denture techniques available, Dr. Greenberg can usually perform the entire procedure in a single day.

Highly skilled specialist

As a periodontist, Dr. Greenberg is a specialist in the placement of dental implants. He has received extensive training in all aspects of implant surgery, and has been placing implants since 1986. He is additionally highly skilled in the specific techniques necessary to provide implant dentures in a single day. He is certified in the use of three different New Teeth in One Day protocols that each use specific types of implants and specialized techniques—All-on-4®, RevitaliZe™ and the nSequence® Guided Prosthetics™ protocol. With a wide array of techniques and implant options at his disposal, Dr. Greenberg is able to help any patient receive permanently fixed-in teeth, no matter how complex the situation.

Advantages of the New Teeth in One Day procedure

No need for bone grafting

all4With conventional implant treatment, patients who have experienced bone loss usually need bone grafting, a procedure that adds cost and time to the treatment. Not only does the New Teeth in One Day procedure eliminate the need for bone grafting for the majority of patients who have experienced bone loss, it also provides an efficient option for patients who are loathe to undergo surgery.

Restored chewing power

revitalizeYour chewing power goes from a mere 10% with dentures and about 35% with implant-supported snap-in dentures, to about 90% or more of normal power with Dr. Greenberg’s same-day teeth procedure! For most patients this means being able to eat whatever they want.

Preventing bone loss

When teeth are missing and go unreplaced, the jawbone will noticeably lose bone mass. The jawbone requires constant chewing pressure as a stimulus. Otherwise, the bone will deteriorate. In just the first year after losing a tooth, the jaw will lose 25% of the bone in the area where the tooth was.

With the loss of bone mass in the jaws, the lower third of the face will shrink, leading to sagging jowls and a more aged appearance.

The New Teeth in One Day procedure restores your chewing power and keeps the jawbones stimulated, preventing bone loss and facial collapse.

Metal-free Dental Implants

Dr. Greenberg now offers NobelPearl™ dental implants that are metal-free and fabricated from zirconia. Zirconia is a very durable ceramic that comes close to the beauty of natural teeth.

There are many reasons to choose metal-free dental implants. Dr. Greenberg offers the option for patients who may have sensitivity to metals, prefer the aesthetics of ceramic implants or want a shorter surgical and recovery time. Metal-free dental implants can provide a more natural look when the gums are thin and translucent.

Dr. Greenberg will help assess the best type of dental implant for you.

How New Teeth in One Day works

The New Teeth in One Day procedure utilizes dental implants placed in strategic locations at precise angles to provide the greatest amount of support for your new teeth. Dr. Greenberg uses our state-of-the-art 3D CT scanner to study the jaw in detail to find areas of dense bone and to plan the optimum placement of the implants. Usually, only four implants are needed per arch, although on occasion Dr. Greenberg will recommend an extra implant for additional security.

The entire treatment can be completed in the same day, including any extractions that may be needed. Patients can walk in with decayed, broken-down teeth or dentures and walk out with a new set of fixed-in teeth that are immediately functional.

Eat what you want with your beautiful, durable new teeth!

All-on-4® New Teeth in One Day in HarrisburgDr. Greenberg partners with a top cosmetic dentist in the creation of your new teeth. He guides the entire treatment to ensure that your teeth not only look good, but also that they will be fully stable and that the bite is comfortable.

Our partner dentist will create your new teeth out of high-quality acrylic, for best durability. These are similar to denture teeth but without the fake palate covering the roof of your mouth or the large sides. They are designed for maximum aesthetics.

Our partner dentist will be there on the day of your surgery to attach your new teeth.

These teeth are functional, provisional restorations, and when your implants have fully healed, you will get your permanent teeth. Due to the nature of the procedure, the provisional teeth can be used immediately to enjoy eating your favorite foods right away.

Complimentary Dental Implant Consultation

All-on-4® New Teeth in One Day in HarrisburgMeet with Dr. Greenberg and learn more about his same-day teeth replacement procedure. He will go over your options for replacing your teeth and will answer all of your questions. This free consultation includes the following:

  • Consultation with the doctor
  • Periodontal evaluation
  • Learn about the different treatment options
  • Find out if dental implants are right for you
  • Get all your questions about dental implants answered

To make an appointment, call (717) 775-7576 or click here to request an appointment online.

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