Patient Testimonials

AnnFullPeriodontal Maintenance

“Dr. Greenberg is always on top of his profession. He uses the latest procedures and thoroughly explains all the details of treatment. He is always on time with my appointments.”

— Ann


ChesterFullOrthodontic Appliance

“Dr. Greenberg used an oral appliance as a simple, yet effective way to straighten my front teeth and bring my bite into alignment.”

— Chester


AllisonFullSevere Gum Disease

“My gums are no longer sensitive and don’t bleed when I brush and floss.

“The entire procedure flowed exactly as described by Dr. Greenberg. I like his sense of humor and the way he takes time to explain the procedure being considered.

“The entire staff is friendly and professional. Dr. Greenberg was very thorough and even called following the procedure to see how I was feeling. I have recommended Dr. Greenberg to others.”

— Allison


DwayneFullGum Grafting

“I appreciate Dr. Greenberg’s expertise in the field of periodontics. His office is conveniently located, and they have appointments that work with my schedule. I have been coming to the practice for nearly a decade, and I have to say every appointment has been on time.

“The office is very efficiently run, and the office staff has collectively worked with my insurance carrier regarding coverage and treatment. After a procedure, Dr. Greenberg always calls later in the day to see how I am doing and to ensure that I am not having any complications. I wish all dental practices could be as efficient as Dr. Greenberg’s.”

— Dwayne


dave-fullPeriodontal Treatment

“Dr. Greenberg is professional and up-to-date on new practices and procedures. The procedures are pain-free, and the follow up is meticulous. Dr. Greenberg is very personable and professional.”

— Dave


AndrewFullImplant-Supported Bridge

“I needed to have two teeth pulled and replaced with dental implants. Dr. Greenberg explained everything to me and wanted to make me comfortable with all aspects of the procedures.

“To make me comfortable with his recommendations, he sent me to another specialist who agreed with his prognosis. After the two teeth were pulled, he called me that night to make sure everything was okay.

“About six months later, he installed the implants and they worked perfectly. My dentist was impressed with how well the procedure was done, which made his job of placing the crowns very easy.

“I have had the implants for close to seven years, and have had no complications. I see Dr. Greenberg twice a year for cleaning and examinations, in coordination with my semi-annual visits to my regular dentist. My teeth are in the best condition of my life.”

— Andrew


JenniferFullCosmetic Gum Procedures

“My experience with Dr. Greenberg was very positive. I did not feel any pain and could barely even tell he was giving me Novocaine.

“Dr. Greenberg works very quickly and explains everything he is doing. He was concerned with how I was feeling throughout the procedure, and made it as pleasant a process as possible.”

— Jennifer


Debra-FullBone Grafting

“Dr. Greenberg is very professional, with a softer side to make you feel calm. He is very thorough, and can handle any problem and emergency. With the experience I had, I would not have wanted to be anywhere else than in his office.

“I have given many of my friends his name. He has given me peace of mind that my teeth are taken care of and done the right way – with no shortcuts. My nickname for him is the “Wizard.”

— Debra


RobertFullDental Implants

“I appreciated Dr. Greenberg’s professional expertise and meticulous attention to detail as he added bone and tissue to receding gums. He paid detailed attention to building a foundation for a dental implant to replace a diseased and extracted tooth.

“Throughout procedures, Dr. Greenberg ensured that I was thoroughly informed of both future procedures and those in progress. He also personally contacted me in the evening following each major procedure to ensure that discomfort had not set in.

“Dr. Greenberg is a technically competent, procedurally flexible, and very personally concerned professional.”

— Robert


General Testimonials

“Awesome experience! Dr. Greenberg and his staff made what I thought would be a painful experience comepletely painless and carefree. The detailed, after-surgery care was superior and very reassuring. The Doctor’s attention to detail and his caring nature were always evident and the front office staff is a joy to work with as well. Overall, Dr. Greenberg and his practice far exceeded my expectations and I will return for my dental needs. I strongly recommend Dr. Greenberg’s practice for your dental needs!”

– James


“Is Dr. Greenberg competent? Caring? Ethical? In my judgment, absolutely, without question! My experience with dentists is extensive as a result of poor dental hygiene from an early age. I have sought and received care from numerous dentists and can say that Dr. Greenberg is the most competent of all my dentists. It is for these reasons that I recommend him without hesitation or reservation.”

– Charles


“Dr. Greenberg and his staff were exceptionally knowledgeable and helpful. Dr. Greenberg made a potentially difficult procedure as pain-free and stress-free as possible. His focus on proper healing and aftercare assured me that he was invested in me as a patient. I would definitely return!”

— Aimee


“Dr. Greenberg and his staff are very efficient. My surgery experience was positive and the outcome very satisfactory. Thank you for your efforts to make mine a good experience!”

— B.M.


“Everyone in the practice was great! The care was top notch and the results excellent. As a result, the entire process of examination, surgery, and post-surgery went very well. I highly recommend Dr. Greenberg’s care.”

— PL


“I have nothing but positive things to say about Dr. Greenberg & his staff. They are all true professionals. I would recommend Dr. Greenberg to anyone who needs periodontal care. Sorry I had waited so long to have my surgery – Dr. Greenberg made it so simple! Truly good people!!”

— SK


Periodontal Testimonials

“The care I received by Dr. Greenberg was outstanding. He was very up front with the concerns related to my crown extension and he was clear in the proposed treatment plan. During the actual procedure and following it, he demonstrated a high level of care and concern for my comfort and potential problem (there were none at all.)

“Dr. Greenberg was able to successfully save the tooth. The staff are terrific – accommodating, kind and responsive. I highly recommend services by Dr. Greenberg and his staff.”

— ER


“The staff here really is great.  I came in to get excess gum tissue cut off.  Dr. Greenberg explained the original method by laser would not work, but he had to use a scalpel & sutures instead. It was a quick procedure and he did a great job getting me numb!  I was in and out fairly quickly.  They did a great job explaining how to care for my mouth during healing and Dr. Greenberg called me a couple days later to see how I was.  I have healed beautifully and have had no issues. I appreciate Dr. Greenberg and his staff. They did a great job taking care of me!”

— LF


“Dr. Greenberg did an amazing job with making my procedure go as smoothly as possible. Within minutes of sitting in the exam chair on the day of my procedure, my worries quickly faded away. He made sure I was comfortable and experienced no pain.

“I am confident in his skills and ability to get the job done. Even in the implant post procedure, he gave me the comfort in knowing I could call 24-7 with any questions or concerns. Great experience overall, highly recommend Dr. Greenberg.”

— KK


“Dr. Greenberg and his staff made gum surgery an easy and simple procedure with very little discomfort. I clearly understood what was happening and what I could do to help the healing process. I would recommend Dr. Greenberg without reservation!”


“Treatment with Dr. Greenberg & staff was excellent. If a dental experience can be pleasant – this was it!

“Very caring & totally pain free!
Everything was spotless!
Everything was explained in detail & every question answered.

“Dr. Greenberg very pleasant & caring individual & outcome was satisfactory.

“Would not hesitate to return or make referrals.”

— SK


“I would like to thank Dr. Greenberg and his staff for making my first experience of needing periodontal care very rewarding. Everything about their office, staff, care and follow-up are very professional.  From my first emergency visit to my day of surgery, I was made to feel that my care and well-being was their number one priority. The procedures needed to repair my tooth were explained in a way that I was able to understand, step by step I was prepared for all that would be happening. I now understand why my dentist referred me to Dr. Greenberg and I would highly recommend them to anyone needing periodontal care.

— JP


“When told that I would need periodontal work, I did not know what to expect but was not thrilled with any procedure requiring work on my teeth. Happily, I did not experience any discomfort or apprehension during the entire procedure. Dr. Greenberg and his staff were pleasant and personable at all times.  I felt like they were seeing me as an individual, not just a ‘case’. As a newcomer to the area, I was learning my way around the area and often looking for a specific kind of shop. They took an interest in my activities and guided me to local resources that I needed, often with excellent results.

“During the periodontal work and the tooth extraction that was done, each step of the way was clearly explained and questions were solicited. Because the explanations were so clear, I had no questions.  Also, my visits were always honored at the appointed times, a real source of pleasure to me since I feel my time is as valuable as the doctor’s; not a situation you find in most offices.”


“I will return for the follow-up visits happily.  I have faith that Dr. Greenberg did and will handle my case with care and I have no concerns about the quality of the workmanship that was done. I would not hesitate to recommend his practice to anyone.”

— SN


“I was referred to Dr. Greenberg in Dec 2006 for an exam and to determine the extent of the periodontal work that needed to be done. From the very start, he made me feel very comfortable and provided the exact details as to the proposed procedure. He had decided on a multi-step approach by doing one half of the surgery over two visits.

“Prior to the surgical appointment, I requested that the procedure be done in one visit. Although this would be an involved process he agreed to proceed, taking into account all health, risk and safety factors.

“Dr. Greenberg used all of his extensive knowledge and skills in performing my surgery which was a very difficult one. I was really surprised that my recovery was within a few weeks and with a normal amount of swelling and minimal pain. I am pleased with the results that not only look good, but that will also protect my teeth and gums in the future.During this period, the office staff (Kate) was very informative and always pleasant.

“I would strongly recommend Dr. Greenberg’s services to anyone.”

— DB


“Dr. Greenberg and staff were, at all times, professional and courteous, Any concerns and questions I had about my treatment were fully addressed. It’s comfort, on my part was minimal with pain medication and the knowledge that relief was always just a “click” away. An overall positive experience towards my dental health. Thanks again.”

— DW


“Outstanding! I had many concerns when I first found out that I required periodontal surgery. Dr. Greenberg answered all of my questions, and reassured me that the discomfort would be tolerable. He was right, as my discomfort was less than expected. The follow-up care was great as well. Many thanks to the entire office!”

— AF


“Dr. Greenberg, I can truly say that my experience in your office was enjoyable, the pain was minimal, you and your staff were very pleasant and helpful. Everything was explained to my satisfaction. Your office is very professional and Kate always explained what was going on with the insurance billing. I can truly say that I’m glad I was referred to your office for treatment. Thank you so much for your experience in the field of periodontal surgery and for taking care of my teeth and gums.”

— SY


Implant Testimonials

“A few years ago, you provided implants for me. I remember that you always personally called me on the days after surgical procedures. I didn’t fully appreciate that until I got a good dose of poor communication that my wife and I are currently dealing with.

“Our son has recently had a pretty significant HS football injury. My wife and I are dealing with a total lack of communication and misdiagnosis from the doctors, critical care units and emergency rooms related to his injury. He has a cracked and dislocated clavicle. Pinnacle Health misread X-rays and declared that he had non-specific chest pain. It has been nearly impossible getting test results from them and when you bug them enough, they give you a misdiagnosis.

“This event has made me think back of the excellent care and communication from you. It is greatly appreciated. The Pinnacle Health system could take a few lessons on patient care from you. Thank you.”

— DL


“I have always been completely happy with Dr. Greenberg’s professionalism, skill and caring attitude. The outcomes of his services always have been excellent!”

— TB


“The process was not as I expected. The tooth extraction, the bone reinforcement, the implant was a smooth operation with little pain and quick recovery. I would recommend this operation and this physician. Thanks.”

— KJ


“Dr. Greenberg and the staff were very good during my visit. I have a tooth removed, the bone repaired and an implant installed in the front of my mouth. They took many steps to make sure that I had no discomfort.

“As I did not want to go without a front tooth while the implant healed, Dr. Greenberg made a temporary false tooth and bridge and installed them at the same time as the implant operation. The new tooth looks like it was always there.

“Job well done.”

— LM


“I must say that I was apprehensive about the implant procedure. I knew the result I wanted but had hoped that there was another way. I put it off as long as I could. I came up with as many reasons as I could to postpone what ended up being nothing more than a long office visit.

“It was a couple of days before Christmas and I was concerned about enjoying the holidays. I had the entire scenario in mind, but thanks to your concern for the comfort of your patients and the assistance of your staff, the procedure went relatively painless. I did not experience pain or discomfort, just a little soreness (very little). If I had not procrastinated, I would have had this done one year earlier.

“I want to thank you for your care and concern, not only during the procedure but after it was complete. If I had to do it again, I would without hesitation. I now have a full smile.”

— VK


“When it became necessary to have oral surgery for an implant, my dentist, Dr. Spivak, explained the options. He and his staff were very helpful, even to the point of making the initial appointment for me with Dr. Greenberg.

“Dr. Greenberg thoroughly explained the procedure and answered all my questions. The procedure was quicker than I expected, with very little discomfort. Throughout the procedure, Dr. Greenberg was concerned with my well-being, often asking if I was all right.

“Dr. Greenberg’s staff was very helpful. They took care of the insurance paperwork, offered payment options and even supplied me with an ice pack.

“I would recommend Dr. Greenberg to all who want a positive surgical experience.”

— JS


“Thank you to the staff and Dr. Greenberg for making handling a rather complicated dental situation with a degree of caring and professionalism one does not often experience these days. Dr. Greenberg performed a crown lengthening at my first visit. It was painless procedure and although I needed an extraction and implant- which also was painless- I have nothing but rave reviews for the care I got during and after the procedures. I received follow-up phone calls from Dr. Greenberg and was given his cell number in case I needed to reach him.  I would absolutely return to his office if I need additional dental work.”

— MK


Tissue Grafting Testimonials

“My experience was most pleasant. After both procedures, I appreciated the follow-up phone calls from Dr. Greenberg- especially when I thought I had a problem.  He called again the next day.

“The entire staff was always most courteous and friendly. I also appreciated being seen at my scheduled appointment times- always a plus when I schedule my time away from my job!  Thanks to all of you!!”

— BF


“From the time I made the appointment the staff was very friendly and helpful. Upon receiving my consultation I was very impressed with Dr. Greenberg’s knowledge and experience. They made me feel comfortable and confident that my desired results would be achieved.

“I am very pleased with the procedure and the success that resulted. I plan on continuing my association with Dr. Greenberg and his staff.”

— JM


“I recently had a soft tissue graft. I was extremely nervous because it had been 20 years since I had had dental work (other than cleanings) done.  Dr. Greenberg and his staff were very helpful and caring during and after the procedure. I was amazed that I felt no pain during the procedure!  I did not even need to take pain medicine afterward.

“I want to thank Dr. Greenberg and his staff for their kindness. They have changed the way I will view dental procedures in the future.”

— JW


“I had the soft tissue graft done and I was nervous but Dr. Greenberg made me relax and he did a wonderful job.  I’ve never been to a dentist or doctor who was so nice and caring. He even called me at home a couple times to make sure I was okay. I think if all dentists were like Dr. Greenberg, no one would have a problem with their teeth. 🙂

“Thank you, Dr. Greenberg. You were wonderful.”

— KE


“I was nervous for my periodontal surgery. Dr. Greenberg treated me very kindly throughout the surgery. He would tell me what he was going to do next so I didn’t have any surprises. Dr. Greenberg also called me at home later on the evening of the surgery to make sure that I didn’t have any problems. For all my office visits, the office staff was very professional, prompt and courteous.

“If I have need of periodontal surgery in the future, I will not hesitate to go to Dr. Greenberg again.”

— JB


“This was my first experience with a gum graft at this office, but my second gum graft. This procedure was very smooth and a huge improvement over the process that was done 15 years ago.

“Little pain and minimal inconvenience. Doctor G. is very thorough and his experience and training show in the positive final results.

“Dr. Greenberg and staff are very professional.”

— DF


“I had a tissue transplantation. I needed it done because after braces, my tissue (gum line) had receded at one of my teeth. Dr. Greenberg and his staff, from the 1st time I arrived to my last visit, were welcoming, and professional. The procedure was thoroughly explained to me and never once did I feel pressured to have the procedure done. I would recommend Dr. Greenberg to family and friends, or I, myself would come back if I ever needed another procedure.


— NK


“I’ve just completed a series of three “gum grafts” to address a problem with exposed roots. In all aspects, the treatment was very professional. I was extremely impressed at the timeliness of all appointments – virtually no time spent in the waiting room. Dr. Greenberg was very thorough in explaining the procedure and there was never a doubt about his professional competence.

“One feature that I found particularly unique was the personal phone call from Dr. Greenberg to my home every evening after a procedure, to check on my condition. Very reassuring. My experience has been that no dental work is without some discomfort – I mean this is a “Dentist.” But despite that, the procedures were all of short duration and of very negligible discomfort.

“My only regret is that I had not done these procedures years ago. So, if you need the treatment, by all means don’t hesitate to get it done at Dr. Greenberg’s office.”

— JT


Crown Lengthening Testimonials

“Crown lengthening” sounded like a wonderful experience from the get go and there was quite a bit of apprehension on my part. Dr. Greenberg and his staff went to great lengths to ease the apprehension.

“I expected a painful procedure with several days of misery for recovery. I was pleasantly surprised to find that a few Advil the first day were all I needed for some discomfort.

“Overall, a very pleasant experience thanks to the care and concern of Dr. Greenberg and his staff.  He even called after-hours the day of the surgery to make sure things were ok- Above and beyond the call of duty!”

— MF


“I was very nervous to have the crown lengthening procedure done but Dr. Greenberg put me at ease very quickly.  Just going over the paper [We’re Concerned form] and talking about my concerns before the procedure really helped me mentally. The use of the “clicker” was such a comfort. Just knowing I could take a “time out” if I needed it make me feel so much better and I didn’t even have to use it once.


— PA


“This was my first visit to a periodontist. My concerns were rapidly relieved after witnessing the care and professionalism of Dr. Greenberg and his staff.

“It appeared that every effort was made to ensure the required procedure was successfully achieved while paying particular attention to creating minimal discomfort.

“Although it is early in the recovery period, it appears that the procedure was extremely successful.”

— JQ


“As a customer service representative for a dental insurance company, many of my calls ask me questions about procedures they are going to have done. Since I am NOT a doctor, I can only share my experiences. Thanks to Dr. Greenberg, I can now tell the callers that a crown lengthening is not nearly as bad as it sounds. The procedure was almost pain free and I never even filled the prescription for pain meds.”

— EC


Complete Procedure Testimonials

“From my first contact with the office through my final office visit, I found Dr. Greenberg and his staff to be friendly, helpful and most professional. They took the time to explain the procedure, answer my questions and address my concerns.

“I was particularly impressed that Dr. Greenberg called me the evening following the procedure to make sure I was doing well and to answer any questions I might have. Although I was a bit anxious about the procedure, Dr. Greenberg and his staff took the time to make me comfortable.”

— LB


“Everyone in the practice was great! The care was top notch and the results excellent. As a result, the entire process of examination, surgery, and post-surgery went very well. I highly recommend Dr. Greenberg’s care.”

— PL


“I would like to take this opportunity to thank Dr. Greenberg and his staff for their honest evaluation and recommendation of my condition.  If it weren’t for Dr. Greenberg’s honesty, I would have ignored a potentially serious infection that could have resulted in chronic infection and bone loss in my mouth.

“Dr. Greenberg performed a short, virtually painless, surgical procedure to correct my condition that has improved the quality of my life. Furthermore, Dr. Greenberg continued his care by calling me after hours on the day of the surgery to check on my recovery. I would recommend Dr. Greenberg and his staff to anyone requiring oral surgery.”

— DW


“I was very pleased with my experience in your office. At all times I felt like I was in good and capable hands.  Everything was dealt with in a warm, caring and professional manner.  My questions were answered.  There was reassuring follow-up. I would recommend your office without reservation to anyone in need of periodontal care.”

— RW


“Much to my surprise and pleasure, my extreme surgery was free of pain or any bleeding. My teeth look and feel so much better. I am indeed grateful.”

— RF


“Dr. Greenberg and his staff are great, if you have any questions he will talk with you about them. I do not like work done in my mouth, but I like Dr. Greenberg and would come back again.”

– Deborah


“Dr. Greenber has been my periodontist for a long time. Recently, I have had dental surgery with an implant insertion. Like always, I received the most efficient, compassionate, care with minimal discomfort. It is reassuring to come into an office where the latest technology is being practical.

“Likewaise, the staff in this office is very competent in all aspects of your care.”

– Cathy

“I had some gum removal and a piece placed in the gum to save my tooth in back. Pain was very minimal. The procedure was very quick. I was well informed, everyone made me feel comfortable during this whole process. My mouth feels completely healed and ready to use just after two weeks. I would definitely recommend and refer others here. Thanks.”

– Tammy

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